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Principles of Advanced Analysis of Natural Products and Foods

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Garant prof. Ing. Jana Hajšlová, CSc.




1. General requirements on testing laboratories concerned with natural products and foods control
2. Quality management in production and testing facilities; ISO, good laboratory practice (GLP)/ good manufacture practice (GMP) principles, certification, inspection, accreditation, auditing
3. Terms and definitions used in analytical chemistry, traceability and uncertainty of measurement results
4. Analytical method selection, validation and documentation; performance criteria; verification procedures; calibration, quality control procedures; interlaboratory comparison,
5. Reporting of test results, compliance with specification assessment; disputing of results
6. Overview of advanced instrumental techniques employed in analysis of natural products and foods, current trends
7. Principles of target analysis and non-target screening, fingerprinting / profiling
8. Sample preparation strategies - choice of isolation, purification, pre-concentration strategy
9. Separation methods - the application potential of gas chromatography, liquid chromatography, electromigration techniques
10. Spectroscopic methods - the application potential of absorption, emission and mass spectrometry
11. Bioanalytical methods - immunochemical techniques, biosensors - advantages and limitations
12. Demonstration case study No.1: The use of ´omics´ (proteomics / metabolomics) strategies in food authenticity and traceability
13. Demonstration case study No. 2: The use of mass spectrometric techniques in natural products / foods safety control
Demonstration case study No. 3: The use of advanced chemometrics for data handling in identification of nutraceuticals quality markers



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