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Safety Engineering

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Garant doc. Dr. Ing. Milan Jahoda




1. Nature of the accident process. Acceptable risk.
2. Accident and loss statistic. Three significant disasters.
3. Toxicology .Models of dose:response curves. Probits.
4. MSDSs. Treshold limity values. Industrial hygiene.Dust and noise as risk factors.
5. Evaporation rate of liquid during vessel filling. Ventilation.
6. Source models for releases of vapors and liquids through holes and pipes.
7. Toxic release and dispersion models. Pasquill-Gifford model.
8. Explosions of flammable dusts and gases. Flammability characteristics. Ignition and oxidation.
9. Explosions of the vapor cloud and boiling liquid expanding vapor. Efficiency of explosions and fires.
10. Fire and explosion prevention. Inerting. Controlling static electricity. Ventilation. Sprinkler system
11. Probability theory of failures for elements and systems. Intensity of failures. Weibull analysis
12. Event trees. Fault trees
13. Case histories. Human error function. Learning from accidents.
14. Hazard and operability studies (HAZOP), DOW index of explosion and toxicity.



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