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Physics I

Kredity 7
Rozsah 3 / 2 / 0
Examinace Z+Zk
Jazyk výuky angličtina
Úroveň bakalářský předmět
Garant doc. Ing. Vladimír Scholtz, Ph.D.




1. Basic concepts of mechanics I: Force, the Newton's laws, work, power, kinetic and potential energy. Conservation of mechanical energy and linear momentum, elastic and inelastic collisions.
2. Basic concepts of mechanics II: Moment of inertia, torque, angular momentum. Work, power and energy in rotational motion. Rolling motion of rigid bodies. Static equilibrium conditions, center of gravity.
3. Introduction to the kinetic theory of gases: Kinetic interpretation of presure and temperature. Average kinetic energy of molecules. Velocity distribution of molecules. Mean free path of a molecule.
4. Continuum and fluid mechanics: Forces in continuum, deformation, Hooke's law. Hydrostatic presure, Archimedes' law. Bernoulli's equation, real liquid flow.
5. Oscillations: undamped, damped and forced harmonic oscillations. Composed oscillations.
6. Waves: description, propagation velocity, intensity. Huygens principle, refraction and reflection, Snell law. Interference, standing waves.
7. Electrostatic field: Coulomb's law. Electric dipole. Potential, voltage, work. Capacitor, dielectric polarization. Charge motion in an electric field.
8. Direct current circuits: Ohm's law, Joule law. Kirchhoff's rules. Current, voltage and resistance measurements.
9. Magnetic field: Magnetic force. Mass spectrograph, electric measurement instruments, cyclotron, the Hall effect. Biot-Savart law, Ampere's law. Magnetic fields in matter.
10. Electromagnetic field: electromagnetic induction, proper and mutual inductance. Electromagnetic waves, energy of electromagnetic field.
11. Alternating current circuits: Generator. Power. Impedance, phase shift, serial resonance circuit.
12. Wave optics: concept of light, interference, thin film, sigle-slit diffraction, diffraction grating, polarization, optical activity.
13. Geometric optics: Basic concepts, reflection and refraction, optical instruments: magnifying glass, microscope, telescope.
14. Basic concepts of modern physics: The photoelectric effect, X-rays, the particle-wave duality, absorption, emission, laser.



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